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from 2007-2013 I was mentally and physically abused by this guy right here. we started dating when I was almost 17 and from the time I was 18 he had already made way into my house (moved in and got a house key from my mother), forced me to have sex with him (and getting me pregnant the same night!!), forced me to have an abortion (talked my mom into forcing me into doing it as well), physically abused me and pushed me on the ground in front of 7 of our friends, then proceeded to break up with me, have sex with another girl, and then cry and beg for me back because “we almost had a kid together.” As much as I tried i could not get him out of my house. My mom never saw the bad things he did and she was too drunk to believe my “wild abuse stories” which were irrevelant to her because “just because I’m mad doesn’t mean it’s abuse.” I was forced to believe that no one else would love me like him but he would only “love” me when I did everything he wanted me to and agreed on what he said. He told me that since I’m a girl, he doesn’t need to share responsibilities with me. “Girls are supposed to clean and cook and stuff so why should I have to do it?” He used to come into my work and tell me he needed money and one night I said no and he threw a fit and left. Afterward he proceeded to constantly take my money but it was never enough for him. He constantly reminded me that my friends had better friends than me and that he was the only person he could trust since “we have been together for so long.” I remember one night we got into an argument and he started throwing things at me and yelling profound slurs at me but I was the one who had to leave my house. He left me with nowhere to go since my mom never saw the bad in him and my dad owns a business so he wasn’t really around to see anything. I spent around 6 years of my like trapped, no friends left, scared, and abused mentally and physically.

He’s currently dating this girl, kymberlee, and she is probably going to go through this if she lasts long enough. Cj manipulated me for 6 years and he brainwashed me and made me believe no one else cared about me and that no one else felt about me like he did. He made me feel I couldn’t trust anyone and he made me feel alone. No one should feel that.






we have 5000 pores on our feets

thank u

Once I put two ice cubes up my butt

Just wanted to tell you I put two ice cubes up my butt once

White people literally DO NOT have a culture. PLEASE explain the culture of a white person. Wearing a beanie? Going to Starbucks with your Mac?




white people dont have a culture this is just a little racist but white people dont have an opinion on race so idk

this anon is literally a fucking idiot. i guess my italian, russian and german heritage including cultural music, food, folklore, dress, religion and practices just don’t exist. THEY MUST BE FIGMENTS OF MY IMAGINATION. i am just white. one dimensional.

can you name one thing from your ‘italian russian and german heritage’ that aren’t “spaghetti, nesting dolls, and bratwurst” because while im sure you’re very proud to parade around these percentages of what shade of eggshell you are i really doubt they carry any kind of real significance :\



(Wake me up) Wake me up inside
(I can’t wake up) Wake me up inside
(Save me)



sacrifice her


sacrifice her



I have such a weakness for characters who use snark and humor to cover up the fact that they feel like huge fuck ups but they’re actually heroes with hearts of gold and smart as all hell